Are Bean Bags for Babies a Passing Trend or Permanent Innovation?

As a Passing Trend

Baby bean bags are now more popular than ever in the baby products industry. They are featured in a variety of online stores as the perfect baby shower gifts that are unique and trendy particularly among young parents. Like many other trends, baby bean bags face the same test of longevity from their clients. The baby bean bags trendiness stems from the fact many of the marketing strategies used emphasize many of the ‘buzzwords’ associated with baby care including ideas that the item highly safe, has health benefits, and prevents the flat top condition in babies.

As a Permanent Innovation

On the other hand, the baby bean bags may be considered to be a permanent innovation given its current extensive use. Similar to the adult version, the comfort of baby bean bags means that they become much loved pieces of furniture for babies. The reported health advantages also bolster the idea the product shall remain in market for a long time. As an innovation, baby bean bags are the most interesting baby chairs that there are in term of their differences to conventional baby chairs. Its permanency can be determined by the fact that despite alarms raised by critics of the device, the sales of the product remain relatively stable.


Users of the baby bean bag can be categorized into those that view the bag as either a passing trend or as a permanent innovation. Those who consider it a passing trend may not be interested in reusing the chair for future babies or may only view it as a must-have baby accessory. Conversely, those who view it as a permanent innovation may be interested in using the chair severally as they believe in the health benefits that the chair offers babies.